Saving Christmas - Santa needs your help! He is about to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls throughout the world but the presents have gone missing. Can you help save Christmas?

Downtown Escape Rooms

The Cabin - You have lost communication with your sister Lisa who is staying up at the family cabin. When you drive up to check on her, you are met by two men who lock you in the cabin. Can you follow the clues your sister left to save the both of you?



      2 people 


      8 people 


Public Booking 


Private Booking

     $200 for up to 8 people


All available seats are open to the public. Any seats you do not purchase are open for other people to book.  

REFUNDS - All of our games are non-refundable. We can reschedule your game if you contact us 48 hours prior to your game start time. 

Blackbeard's Challenge - Blackbeard has set up a challenge to weed out unworthy pirates.  Do you have what it takes? Is your mind as sharp as your sword to tackle Blackbeard's Challenge?