Blackbeard's Challenge

Blackbeard has set up a challenge to weed out unworthy pirates.  He has invited you and your mates to try out for his legendary crew. Do you have what it takes to complete Blackbeard's masterful test of wits and join among his legendary ranks?


​The Cabin - You have lost communication with your sister Lisa who is staying up at the family cabin. When you drive up to check on her, you are met by two men who lock you in the cabin. Can you follow the clues your sister left to save the both of you?

​Downtown Murder Mystery

A wave of murders have struck the downtown area. A suspect has been tracked to Apartment 202. The apartment has been processed but 3 key pieces of evidence have gone missing. Can you find the missing pieces of evidence before the chief detective returns?

The Lost Teddy Bear

Your wacky Uncle Steve is babysitting you while your parents are out. He has hid your favorite teddy bear and has set up puzzles to help you find it. You must hurry because your parents will be home in 1 hour and are expecting you to be asleep. Do you have what it takes to find your lost teddy bear?